5 days of Creation: Unlocking Your Capacities with Money

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What if everything you think is a wrongness about you in regards to money - is actually a strongness?

Every year, in the sleepy week between Christmas and New Year's, Heather gets together daily with a group of creators to CREATE!!

What capacities with money do you have and be that you have not yet chosen?

5 Daily zoom calls, recorded Dec 27 - 31, 2020

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4 reviews for 5 days of Creation: Unlocking Your Capacities with Money

  1. Heather A. (verified owner)

    Brilliantly executed by Heather and her team . - as always. Heather always adds her own uniqueness to clearings. she puts practical appliactions that really gives you the " ah-ha " moments. Her Brilliant mind for business is a gem in itself. I actually felt the Lock & the Key(s) being melted. Heather and Her team provide such ease and speedency with the technology they use; the best I've experienced so far.

  2. Alyssa (verified owner)

    Heather is brilliant. I am "addicted" to her calls now! She's wonderful at playing with stuck energies and will truly help you get your head out of your ass in the most gentle of ways (if you are so willing)... So very grateful for this series!

  3. Dana Arielle (verified owner)

    This was a game changing, life changing experience. Heather has an incredible presence and is transformative to be with, I love her style and her earnest desire to see you grow into more of who you truly are. I highly, HIGHLY recommend you gift this class to yourself, your future will thank you.

  4. Albena Nikolova

    THAT!! Very different conversations ...and those were the conversations I have truly been asking for for years. What a gift. This is how the whole financial healer conversation started for me...
    thank YOU

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