October 6, 2021

Sexualness is when our bodies are alive

A recent conversation I had with Gary Douglas exploded my world open with awareness I have been avoiding for most of my life about abuse. Abuse is one of those things that, when not totally obvious and overt, goes unnoticed. And the thing is - anything that invalidates your being is ultimately abuse. Welcome to this reality.


We grow up in a world that is not about being, or honoring, or having intimacy with ourselves, each other, our bodies - but rather a world that has been designed to invalidate you & your body at every turn. Control yourself, control each other, control your body.


We learn to abuse our bodies by turning off our listening. We try to get them to do what we want them to do, never asking them what they desire. We deny the consciousness of our bodies and ourselves in favor of fitting in, being normal, being beautiful, being 'sexual' - in favor of basically not being.


Sexualness is when our bodies are alive, full, brimming with being. When our being is big and wide and when our being inhabits our bodies, our molecules, our cells. When our bodies are turned on, connected to the earth, when our bodies are honored, celebrated, thriving. Healing, caring, nurturing, generative, joyful, creative, expansive, and orgasmic energies are all elements of sexualness, and also who we and our bodies ultimately be.


When we are still living with a day-to-day orientation to the abuse of this reality, and all the ways we continue to perpetuate it on ourselves and our bodies, we cannot have the thriving, the aliveness, the beauty and the orgasmic living that sexualness is, and that our bodies are naturally designed to BE!


Body, Show Me: Sexualness starts tomorrow. With so much awareness about all of this flooding in, it's gonna be a phenomenal 8 weeks. We still have some spaces and you and your body are invited!


Heather Nichols

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