May 26, 2019

The Future of Marketing: Growing Your Business by Being You

Marketing is one of those things that so many entrepreneurs dread.  Most people start businesses because there is something they enjoy doing – or a great idea they have – that they would like to monetize.

Once the business is rolling and the reality of cash flow sets in, the ever-present question in the mind of an entrepreneur is usually:  how do I bring in more people & revenue?  How do I grow my business?

The advertising world tells us so many things.  Tell people what you are going to give them.  Show them that your product or service will give them the results they are looking for.  Sell them solutions.  After all, people will pay good money to have their problems solved!

What if there is a different possibility with business, with how you create it, and with growth – that is organic, nurturing for everybody involved (including you!), and way more effective?  What if marketing as we know it is not even necessary?

Here are 3 myths about marketing, coupled with tools for a very different & dynamic approach:

Myth:  Address peoples’ ‘pain points’.  Speak to how miserable people are.  Let them know you understand.  And show them you have the answer.

Different Perspective:
What if people are actually looking for something that is so different, they don’t even know what it is?  What if people are looking for a different connection, a sense of a new possibility in their lives?  When you are willing to be so different that you speak way more to possibility than their problems, you stand out.  People get curious about you and come toward you – rather than you pushing your product or service on them.

Myth: People need to be told what they need and why they need it.

Different Perspective:
Do you like to be ‘sold’ to?  What happens to you when you walk into a shop and a salesperson is suddenly breathing down your neck, telling you everything you need and why – with clearly no interest in you?  You probably run the other direction.

When you give somebody space to engage with you and your business – or not – it is so different than what they are used to.  People brace themselves to be sold to all the time.  And put up huge walls as soon as the vibe of ‘pushy sales person’ comes up.  When you don’t have a point of view as to whether somebody buys your product or service, you become irresistible.  In the absence of doing it like everybody else does, you actually stand out naturally.

Myth: People need to see your product or service 12 times before they choose it.

Different Perspective:
What if your product, your service, and YOU – could be so different that one interaction with you changes somebody?  What if you committed to interacting with people genuinely and in a way feels good to you, so that you both leave the conversation or interaction lifted up, and with a greater sense of ease than before?  When you show up in the world like this, people won’t forget about you.  They will see you as a contribution to them, and they won’t need convincing or repeated exposure to you to choose to engage with your business.

Getting new and more customers is far more a question of how you show up in the world and in your life than how convincing you can be.  People don’t like to be sold to, and they don’t like to be treated like just another dollar.

The world is changing, and people everywhere are hungry for more engagement, more connection, and more real-ness.  Be present with somebody, be kind, give up your agenda of trying to sell them something – and they will desire to be part of your business simply because you are different.  No ‘marketing’ required.


About Heather Nichols

Heather Nichols, MSW, is a facilitator, speaker, body magician, author, & transformational coach.  She combines a Master’s Degree in Social Work with 25 years of experience in the world of business, bodies, + change to facilitate people to know that they can create an epic life in a way that actually works for them.  She  has a unique & uncanny capacity to turn everything on its head & find possibilities in even the most barren of landscapes.  Heather delivers a robust offering of trainings, talks, private sessions, and classes internationally as well as online.

Heather Nichols

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