March 11, 2021


Have you ever stood somewhere in the middle of nature, somewhere lush, green, flourishing with life, and felt no separation between you and it?

What if that’s because we’re not separate? What if our bodies were truly of the Earth? And the Earth was also part of our bodies?

When your body is experiencing the buzzing of life from nature, while also completely calm and at peace, we get a sense of being truly connected with the planet. This is when we are being the  most alive, joyful, and flourishing energies.

What if we were willing to have this all the time? Allowing the Earth to contribute to our bodies as our bodies to contribute to the Earth?

What different reality might this create not only for our individual bodies, but for the planet? What would the Earth be like if our bodies were that full of pleasure-vibrant, flourishing, and alive?

What if our truest state is total verdancy like the earth? What would it take to tap into this energy with our bodies every day? So that it is more than a concept and instead, a of way of being?

Right now, push down all your barriers, and connect to the Earth. What do you notice? Are you separate? Or can you completely perceive the verdancy of the planet in and through your body? Where do you end and the Earth begins? Can you sense the oneness we actually be with the energies of Earth? Even if it’s only a whisper, or just a knowing that something greater is available for your body, for and with the planet?

What is possible for our bodies and the Earth now that has never been possible before?

Heather Nichols

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