April 7, 2020

What if business was not a necessity?

Have you ever had somebody in your life that really needed you?  How was that for you? Often when somebody is needy of us, it actually has the opposite effect – we don’t really want to have anything to do with them. The energy of need repels people – and possibilities! When you are needy of anything, there is an underlying point of view that you lack, that you can’t create, that you don’t and won’t have what you require.

And our point of view always creates our reality.

It’s easy to see how this plays out when it comes to people since most of us have experienced that with others in our own lives at some point.

But what about when you have decided you need your business, or you need money?

Your business has a consciousness, and so does money.  When you function from need with business and money – you function from an inherent point of view of lack.  You lack enough business, you lack enough money, you lack you lack you lack.

Do you approach your business as a problem of “not enough” to be solved – or a universe of possibilities that is here to contribute to you?

What if your business was actually far more benevolent, far more contributory, far more alive with possibilities than you have given it credit for?  What if your business could contribute to its own creation, and your job is to be present, to be space, to know what is required next, and to not have a point of view?

When you approach business as a creative possibility, a universe of receiving that is available to you, and something that you don’t actually NEED – you can create a millionfold more.  You can receive a millionfold more.

The universe and your business will always follow your lead.  If you lead with need and lack – that is exactly what you will create.  If you lead with space, relaxation, possibilities, and gratitude, your life, business, and money flows will flourish in ways you cannot imagine.

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Heather Nichols

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