May 25, 2018

"What do I charge?!"  Choosing Prices that Work for You

Often when entrepreneurs and coaches are looking at what to charge for their services, they look to the marketplace.  What is the going rate?  What are people willing to pay?  What is an amount that, if I choose it, will have people choose me?

When you have that point of view, you actually diminish your business and your potential clientele.

Have you ever talked to a coach or an entrepreneur that REALLY wanted you to choose them for their services?  Maybe they were willing to bend over backward to make it work for you to hire them?  How did that feel?  Probably not so great.  Usually, when people are waiting to be chosen by the marketplace, they keep waiting for a very long time.  And when they price their services according to other people, the result can be lackluster services and income.

What if you could actually be the one who chooses what works for you with your business and your pricing?  What if you could charge what would be FUN for you? What if gauging what people are willing to pay is none of your business?

A few years ago, I doubled my prices.  And my business exploded. How?  I was willing to look at what truly worked for me.  Once I was aligned with that, I could easily charge what is considered by some a high hourly fee without pause.  I know that not everybody will pay what I charge.  And that is ok.  I’m not looking to work with everybody!

Since I doubled my prices, the number of private sessions I do has increased steadily and continues to every month.  How did I create that?

I asked some key questions:

1)  What would be fun for me to charge?

2)  What could I charge that would invite my clients to have the greatest amount of change?

3) What could I charge that would have me step up with what I deliver?

4)  What could I charge that would make me uncomfortable?

From those questions, there was an energy – a possibility – a gut feeling that gave me clarity on a price.  I played with a few different prices in a range and finally arrived at $500/hour.  That was fun!  And BOOM-Y!  And would excite me!  And my clients would have to be really willing to change if they were to pay that for a session with me.

Guess what?  That is what has shown up.  For the most part, when I get on the phone with somebody, or they get on my table, we GO.  We go fast, we change a lot, and at the end of that 30 or 60 minutes – their whole world is different.  And mine is too.

If you choose your prices from the perspective of meeting people where they are at – not inviting them to stretch into choosing something more – and their financial comfort zone – you will likely have mediocre results with what you do.  If you choose your prices from the energy of possibility, enthusiasm, and a demand for change – you’re gonna have a lot more fun, and your clients are gonna get a lot more out of it too!

What could you charge that would make you squirm?!  And what if the creation of a thriving business with prices that excite you is actually up to you – being willing to choose it?

For information on private sessions with Heather, go here.

Heather Nichols

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