December 27, 2021

Ep 13 – The Gift Of Embodiment


Our bodies can be a burden, a chore, a problem - or a treasure trove of joy, possibility, and pleasure.  It all depends on your points of view and what it is that you would like to create!

What if you could have the gift of embodiment that your unique body is?  Join Heather Nichols and Amy Shine for a conversation on movement, pleasure, judgment of bodies, and the willingness to let our bodies lead the way in the creation of so much more in every aspect of our lives.


Amy Shine is Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator®, Talk to the Entities Facilitator®, 3 Day Body Facilitator®, Right Recovery for You Facilitator® and Movement Facilitator . She has also created her own specialty class that incorporates the tools of Access Consciousness & embodied movement called ''Accessing the Joy of Body.''


Amy also has her own Podcast called The Dance to Oneness.

You can find her Podcast here:

Find Amy website here:


Find out more about Body Show Me :




Heather Nichols

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